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Dave Waldo

Dave Waldo


Dave has been telling stories most of his life. Coming from a family of storytellers, Dave developed and honed both his public speaking and his storytelling skills as a long time member of Toastmasters. Early on, people recognized that he had a knack for telling entertaining stories. Based on that encouragement, Dave went on to develop some wonderful stories that he enjoys telling every chance he gets. He has had an interesting life full of many varied experiences which he draws from for his many stories. Both his storytelling and his speaking are animated, full of life, and entertaining.

Dave has been following his passion for writing, and has written many entertaining stories, some of which are included in his book:


The following is a description of the book:

Learn how to create compelling stories; how to make them come alive; how to capture and maintain your listeners' attention; and how to make your stories entertaining and memorable so people will want to read and hear them. If you want to write and tell personal stories, this is the book for you. The book is fun to read. It includes many entertaining stories from the author's life. A book for the whole family; the stories are all rated G, appropriate for children. At the end of each chapter are some action steps that you can work through. With very little effort you will soon be writing and telling your own entertaining stories. An excellent educational tool for anyone who wants to conduct storytelling workshops or classes; it's easy to read and easy to follow. Public speakers, teachers, writers, and everyone else who wants to communicate effectively will find the book worthwhile.