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Spooky Tales with Jeff Gere and Larry Hohm

October 16 (Fri) 5:00-6:00 p.m.

Online via Zoom

Jeff Gere and Larry Hohm

Join the Seattle Storytellers Guild for some spooky and dark tales from two gifted storytellers, Jeff Gere from Hawaii and Larry Hohm from Seattle, with emcee Patty Zeitlin.

Jeff Gere has been one of Hawaii's most popular storytellers since 1982. Jeff's physical energy, wide range of voices, morphing elastic face and clear characterizations make his performances unforgettable events. In Hawaii, people love spooky stories. He says Spookies are so popular there because Hawaii is such a spiritual and spirit-filled land and has an incredible variety and volume of true local supernatural tales, rooted in Hawaiian culture. Jeff has done three CD's of Spooky Hawaiian Tales.

Larry Hohm tells stories with an edge--compelling works of fiction by established authors. He loves to tell stories that are a bit on the dark side. His repertoire includes stories by H. G. Wells, Joel Chandler Harris, Joyce Carol Oates, Mark Twain, Ray Bradbury, Roald Dahl, Ruth Rendell, and Ursula K. Le Guin.

To attend, you must register in advance:

Suggested dontation: $5 to $10.