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Jeff Leinaweaver

Jeff Leinaweaver


As a storyteller, Jeff shares in the telling of the old stories, myths, folk tales and fairy tales from many different cultures around the world. As a mythsinger, Jeff tells stories in the tradition of Danny Deardorff, Michael Meade, Robert Bly and others where a drum or other instrument is played as part of the storytelling. Jeff sees a story as being alive; a story is a vital source of wisdom that teaches us what it means to be human while simultaneously living in relationship with the living, natural world. Jeff believes the old stories invite people to engage in the wildcrafting of their imagination in order to confront the many quests and questions of their own heroic journey.

Jeff is also a practitioner of storytelling and organizational narrative, blending scholarship and practice and applying this into the fields of sustainability, strategic management, corporate social responsibility and Permaculture design. As a practitioner of organizational narrative and storytelling, Jeff works from an eco-psychological approach to help others to tell stories that communicate, resonate and make better social worlds. Jeff holds a PhD in Human Development and Organizational Systems with a focus on narrative and storytelling. For more information see:

Jeff is a member and storyteller of both the Seattle Storytelling Guild and The National Storytelling Network. He is a board member of the Mythsinger Foundation and studies the craft of storytelling with Danny Deardorff. In the worlds of folklore and storytelling, Jeff has been an editor for Suite101's Folklore and Mythology forums and worked at the Smithsonian's Office of Folklife Programs and Cultural Studies where he has worked with luminaries such as Pete Seeger, Alan Lomax and Mickey Hart.

Also a voice-over actor and vocalist, Jeff has lent his voice and talents to a wide variety of projects in all types of media: radio, corporate and documentary narration and video games. Jeff is a member of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) and the American Guild of Musical and Theatrical Artists (AGMA).