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Golden Circle 2015

Golden Circle 2015
Honorees with Photos and Audios from the
Inaugural Ceremony June 19, 2015
Introductions by Norm Brecke
Photos by Barry McWilliams
Naomi Baltuck Audio: Naomi Baltuck
Sharon Creeden Audio: Sharon Creeden
Clare Cuddy
Debra Harris Branham Audio: Debra Harris Branham
Merna Hecht Audio: Myrna Hecht
Vi Hilbert
Pat Peterson Audio: Pat Peterson
Dr. Spencer Shaw Audio: Allison Carlyle honors Dr. Spencer Shaw
Cathy Spagnoli Audio: Allison Cox honors Cathy Spagnoli
Margaret Read MacDonaldAudio: Margaret Read MacDonald
Cherie Trebon Audio: Cheri Trebon
Cathryn Wellner